Top 10 Songs of the Week

This week’s top ten songs are a mix of rock, pop, dance and ballad.It is also a twist of new releases and old hits.

10. JYJ- Get Out

9. SHINee – SHINee Girl

8. T-ARA – Lovey Dovey

Here’s the Full Version

Or the Dance MV ( ZOMBIES!!!)

7. Miss A – Mr. Johnny

6. Go Away – 2NE1

7. FT Island – Severely

4. Fat Cat – Is Being Pretty Everything

3. Big Bang – Bad Boy

2. John Park – Falling

1. Big Bang – Blue

So which song did you like best??


I Loved this blog right here…
It was really beautiful and inspiring…. ❤

Monna McDiarmid

a long time ago
in mexico
my teacher-friend heather dowd
spoke of her time in japan
in a quiet voice
as if we were in church.

“it’s not possible”
she said,
“to take
a bad photo
in japan.”

i loved
that she thought that.

i confess
to a box full of bad shots
of japan.

i took them when we first arrived.

after two years in bangkok
(an extrovert’s city
where people never stop
we moved to japan.

our arrival
was not a gentle
touching down
but the crash-landing
of foreigners
who don’t yet know their way.

the first english we heard
a message on the airport shuttle
“please do not annoy your neighbours.”
too late.
we were cymbals and horns honking
while japan looked politely away.

time passed
in that gracious way
that time has.

we still can’t tell a taxi driver
how to…

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K-Ladies: Airport Fashion

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Lately, k-pop has been spreading like wildfire everywhere around the world and is known to us as Hallyu. As the Hallyu Wave spreads, so do the sexy sweet ladies of the k-pop industry. And in order to satisfy the yearns of their crazy fans they set off around on world tours! YAY! But what interests… Read more.

Big Bang (빅뱅) ALIVE!

Just a few days ago, the one of the super idols of YG Entertainment came out with a new album. This time Big Bang adds more flavor, more feelings, more….BANG! They begin 2012 with a fresh start, clearly expressing their feelings of being ‘Alive’ as well as surprising their avid V.I.P.s with a whole new genre. What can be clearly expressed as an electronic ballad, Big Bang begins with their release of “Blue”. Soft yet with their signature edge, Big Bang show how they try to be what fans expect them and sometimes endeavor to top that. I truly believe that nothing can top T.O.P. and GD’s swift rapping or Seungri and Taeyang’s smooth vocals, but what surprised me the most was Daesung’s powerful voice emitting through the soul as he sang. The music video, itself, was also different. As expected of Big Bang, they didn’t dance much like the other idols (which totally goes against what society thinks of kpop boy bands >.<). Instead they showed what they felt through series of actions and where they were.

Here’s Big  Bang – Blue

But then ( since this post is a tad bit late), their next Music Video came out, the long awaited BAD BOY. My reaction was like….Woah…                        I knew it would be G-Dragon starting the Music Video because he usually does ( no complain there <3) but he made my jaw drop. I don’t know if it was for a good reason or bad but,I truly was shocked…GD’s HAIR!!! I was expecting it after seeing the promotional pictures ( not to mention saying that Daesung looked hot in his ^^) but 괜찮아 I got over it when he started rapping. It reminded me of the good old days, when auto tune wasn’t created, where people who sang actually had nice voices unlike…*Cough Rebecca Black Cough* but back to the topic. I loved it simply because it sounded great AND had great lyrics. Sometimes the songs that sound the best can have the weirdest lyrics ( e.g. Shampoo By After School) but this was really nice with a steady beat and rhythmic vocals. But what got me were  how T.O.P. and GD’s hard rapping sounded smooth against the melody. *Sigh* My favorite bit in this song was Taeyang and his la-la-la-la-lady ! ❤  Also, something amazing that’s needed to be told is…. I totally recognize their set, in fact, I went shopping there the other day, at Rainbow…

Well…You know what they say: ‘ sO CLoSe yEt SO faR AWaY….’

Oh! And by the way, here the MV for Big Bang – Bad Boy


May Noona <#

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Yep I see how well this is going.  But, all in all, this is a blog about whats in and out of the Kworld and Reviews on any particular Music Video or Asian Drama of some sort.

Also since I’m obviously from NY, this will mainly be in English…unless if I throw something Korean at you….SARANGHAE! LOL Jk

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